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The Theatre Story Archive is an oral history initiative started by Michael Dean Morgan (Assistant Professor at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ) to preserve and share stories of the theater. We are creating a space for the makers of theatre.  More than ever, in this time of COVID, we appreciate how the theatre requires us to come together. To tell the full story of the theatre now also requires us to gather all the voices: the spot-op, the actor, the run crew, the assistant stage manager, the usher, the associate designer, the casting directors, and the audience.  


The Theatre Story Archive creates a place for all stakeholders in the industry to tell their stories. This project seeks to preserve the stories of all who are a part of the modern theater industry.  We are building a space where students, practitioners, and scholars can access, not only interviews, but also the writings, videos, and articles that result when our voices come together.

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 Anti-Racism Resources 

The Theatre Story Archive, and founder Michael Dean Morgan, seek to dismantle the racist and colonial institutional power structures of the theatre community and industry. These structures continue to dictate whose stories are valued and what artists are permitted to be the storytellers.

We take on the responsibility to seek out and lift up a diverse set of stories and storytellers. We may fail, but we will keep trying!  Statements are easy but actions are harder. We ask you to keep checking in, to hold us accountable, and to help us grow. 

These organizations have collected terrific lists of resources to reach out, join, and push back:

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College Outreach

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Quarantine Stories
“Preserving stories of when the curtain fell”

Quarantine Stories
“Preserving stories of when the curtain fell” 

The goal of the project is to capture the feelings, experiences, and responses to the challenge of COVID-19 in our individual and shared lives. Theatre communities create together in shared spaces and with shared energy. Artists have an impulse to create and share stories with others. We have had to wrestle with creating art in new ways or not being able to create art. Social media can’t capture the depth of our stories. Let’s share the valuable connections we have and our impulse to create by capturing the setting, the feelings, the journey that each of us has gone through and are still going through. We are storytellers, often of the stories of other characters, however, there is power in telling of own stories and connect through the diversity of our lived experiences. 

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